Saturday, 4 February 2012

Article about the 2011 Anti Bullying Roadshow

Here is an article from one of the schools we toured to in 2011.

Performance rights

Do you know about performance rights? See more here:

The NEW anti-bullying roadshow

The 2011 Anti Bullying Roadshow finished in December. 8-weeks of touring to schools, colleges, theatres, youth clubs and universities was hard work. Some would call it gruelling. We performed to over 30,000 students and drove over 6000 miles up and down the UK. The reception was fantatstic and the show was a hit. Our new TIE performer/facilitator on this tour survived until the end but said she could not do it again ... it was just too difficult. Our plans for 2012 for the anti-bullying roadshow are huge. We are going to create the biggest anti-bullying tour the UK has ever seen, employing the best staff and utilising the most up-to-date research, methods and techniques available. Most of the details are currently under wraps but I can say that the 2012 roadshow will reach parts that no other anti-bullying programme can.